Tips for checking quality diamonds

Did you just receive a diamond stone? If you have then how do you make sure it is authentic? If you aren’t sure, then let this help you by giving you certain tips to check if the diamond that you have is authentic. In today’s time, there are machines that can create fake diamonds that can fool almost anyone. That is why with the following tips you wouldn’t have to worry too much.


  • Try to create a fog with a real diamond. If the fog immediately disperses then you can be safe because it would mean it is a real one. You see a fake diamond would disperse the fog longer compared to a real diamond. This is what most people would even do to check if the diamond is in quality.
  • If you aren’t good with checking quality diamonds, then you can always avail of professional help. There are after all gem experts that can help you know if the gem is an authentic or not using their experience and their equipment.
  • You should also check the brightness and the cuts inside of the diamond. You can do this by having a jeweler’s loupe since it is the equipment that can allow you to truly check if the stone is authentic or not. If you can’t buy one, then you can always borrow one from the nearest jewelry store.

When you apply the following tips for when you are checking your diamonds, you can bet that you have nothing to worry about. You see, you are using one of the oldest methods in checking quality diamonds while the other one is asking help from a professional. That is why you don’t have to worry about anything except in knowing if it is an authentic diamond or not.


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