Why are diamonds a luxury

Diamonds are stones that are super expensive and luxurious but the question is why is a diamond a luxury. There might be a lot of answer to that but if you want to know then there are certain things about the diamond that most stones don’t have that only the diamond has and through that, it can imply that it is a luxury stone. Here are even other reasons as to why a diamond is a luxury stone.


  • Expensive: one of the reasons why a diamond is a luxury is because of the heavy price tag that it carries. It can’t be helped that a small diamond stone can cause up to thousands of dollars and that amount would usually be easily afforded by high-class people which would lead to the common people to see it as a high class and luxury item. Though it can be a sad truth diamonds are a rare stone to find which is another reason why it is expensive to buy compared to other stones.
  • Rare: when it comes to the diamond then you should know that it is a rare stone to find. It would even take diamond companies a lot of diggers and heavy equipment to find a couple and because it would take a diamond a lot of time to form in its final formation then you can bet that finding a diamond every day cannot always happen. That is why if you want a diamond it would cost you a lot of money since you can’t always find one.
  • Difficult to extract:another thing about diamonds is it can be difficult to extract. Diamonds, after all, can be found under the earth or in caves which would need special equipment but even if you have the best and high-tech equipment it would still take time and a meticulous process to extract the diamond because if you don’t do both then you wouldn’t be able to get the diamond in good condition.
  • Flexible:diamonds are a luxury because of its ability to be flexible. This would mean that if you want diamonds in your car or in your watch then you can always have one. Since a diamond is expensive and places in regular items like a brush or a watch it can add value to that item and thus title it to be a luxury item. A diamond, after all, has a strong charisma in the world, especially to the high class.

Now you know why a diamond can be a luxury because it has a charisma that most stones don’t have since most stones can just be found easily compared to a diamond. Also, though it can be a bit of a bias most of the people who would purchase diamonds like it is ordinary things are those wealthy people which would imply to most people that diamonds are a luxury. Still, if you work hard and save a lot then you too can buy your own diamond.



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